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Learn to create a compelling action plan to supercharge your real estate business and set your success on autopilot with a proven business system.
Get dozens of buyer & listing lead generation strategies and learn proven methods to generate motivated & qualified leads without buying them.
Learn how the nation's top producing real estate agents built high-volume sales pipelines and top performing real estate teams quickly & easily.
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"The opportunities that you're talking about are simply great, Tim & Julie. You’re out there telling people what they need to do to be successful, so we don’t have “figure it out” or waste time looking for a secret weapon or hidden truth. It’s already there for us.

Our job is to what we need to do each day to make those things happen. Control your body, mind and your schedule – and then you’ll have control over your business, finances, and everything else." 
- Chris Heller
"I found Tim & Julie as an agent on the way up. I'd achieved success in my market, but felt like I was re-inventing the wheel trying to advance my real estate career.

 These guys are the real deal! Affordable, authentic help and guidance in putting together a successful real estate business! Last year my business showed over 20% growth and this year I’m on track to increase by close to 40%! I only wish I had known about them as a brand new agent!"
- Sara Gipson
"I just wanted to take a moment and give a shout-out to Tim & Julie Harris – I’ve been a coaching client of theirs for the last 4 years. When I hired Tim & Julie to be my coaches, my production increased by 20% per year. 

I’m now trending $30 million in this year – that’s amazing results in the time I’ve spent working with Tim & Julie Harris. I highly recommend them – if you do what they tell you to, over time you will see huge results…I am living proof."

- Collette McDonald
Here's What You'll Learn From This Amazing Event:
  • Learn the insider secrets of the nation's top-producing real estate agents - directly from the trainers who coach them! Get the inside scoop on how today's top-producers stay on top of the market from Tim & Julie Harris.
  • Learn how to generate unlimited buyer & listing leads in any market and any economic conditions. In this event, we're going to introduce you to a wealth of low-cost / no-cost lead generation techniques proven to be successful.
  • Avoid the feast or famine lifestyle forever, as you learn how to effectively set personal financial goals and then use your own unique magic number to work those numbers in reverse to achieve true financial freedom and prosperity.
  • Learn why top agents always list to last, and get insider strategies to build a top-producing listing pipeline to generate a massive flow of monthly commission income without having to struggle to maintain your pipeline.
  • Learn why most agents only make $40k a year - and what strategies you can implement today to set you apart from the real estate competition and grow your income up to $400,000 and beyond!
  • Learn how internet buyer-lead companies have manipulated agents into wasting millions of dollars - and how you can avoid being suckered into wasting money on buyer leads with proven strategies to wean you off them forever.
  • Go inside some of the nation's largest franchises with Tim & Julie to learn the truth about how to build a top-producing real estate team, and how to avoid making dozens of common mistakes that prevent teams from succeeding.
  • Learn how Tim & Julie built a multi-million dollar real estate team during the worst real estate market in history and became award-winning top-producers who founded the nation's top coaching & training organization!
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